Allusion Blinds Fabric

Allusion blinds are a very new stylish product for the modern home and are perfect for fitting to windows, big Condo windows, patio doors and bi-folding doors and are described as a cross between a curtain, vertical blind and a voile.
You have the practicality of a vertical blind without the ‘office’ appearance, and it’s looks and feels like curtains with it being a soft fabric. The other significant advantage of standard vertical blinds is that there are no chains at the bottom, so the overall look is improved, and you can walk through the blinds. Once the blinds are in the open position, the daylight will be filtered by the voile. And on the other hand, it still allows a view to the outside.
Tilt the panels, and you have total privacy and protection for your home and furniture from the direct sunlight.
Available in 5 elegant colorways in whites, creams and greys and more. Contact us to get a quote online or call to schedule an appointment ☎ (647) 381-4477.

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