About Us

ZebraBlinds4you Crafting Modern Elegance with a Family Touch

Welcome to ZebraBlinds4you where every blind tells a story of modern elegance and enduring functionality. As a family-owned business established in 2017, we combine our rich heritage with a passion for contemporary design to transform your house into a home.

Innovation Meets Tradition

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful mission: to deliver happiness to every home. We do this by blending innovative design with the timeless values of a family business. Each set of blinds we create is not just a product, but a testament to our commitment to quality, style, and the personal touch that only a family-owned company can provide.

Security, Style, and Comfort: Our Heartfelt Promise

At ZebraBlinds4you, we understand that the right set of blinds can do so much more than just cover a window. They’re an integral part of your home’s security, a statement of your style, and a guardian of your comfort. Our selection is crafted to offer the perfect balance of light, privacy, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that each time you glance at our products, a sense of happiness and contentment is evoked.

Bring Your Vision Into Reality

A Modern Approach to Timeless Comfort

ZebraBlinds4you prides itself on being a modern window blinds agency specializing in design and functionality. Our products reflect the latest trends in home decor, while also providing the functionality and comfort that every homeowner seeks. From the elegant simplicity of our designs to the precision of our craftsmanship, every detail is considered to enhance the beauty and functionality of your living spaces.

Join Our Extended Family

Choosing ZebraBlinds4you means more than just buying a product. It means becoming part of a family that values your happiness and satisfaction above all. We are committed to personalizing our service to meet your unique needs and preferences. Let us be your partners in making your home not just stylish and modern, but a warm and inviting haven.

Design Features

Zebra Blinds: A Harmony of Light and Privacy

Our Zebra Blinds are a modern marvel, perfect for those who love to play with light. These blinds offer a unique blend of translucent and opaque fabrics, allowing you to create an ambiance that ranges from brightly lit to comfortably shaded with just a simple adjustment.

Roller Shades: Sleek Simplicity

For those who appreciate minimalist elegance, our Roller Shades are the ideal choice. They bring a sleek, clean look to any space while offering easy functionality. Available in a variety of colours and materials, they provide both style and practicality.

Sun Screens: Your Shield Against Glare

Embrace the sun while keeping its glare at bay with our Sun Screens. These are perfect for spaces where you want to enjoy natural light without the harshness of direct sunlight. They help protect your furniture from UV rays while maintaining your view of the outside.

Vertical Blinds: Traditional Elegance

Vertical Blinds are the classic solution for patio doors and large windows. Offering excellent light control and privacy, they come in a range of materials and finishes, from subtle and understated to bold and statement-making.

Roman Blinds: Sophisticated Charm

Roman Blinds add a touch of sophistication to any room. When raised, they create a soft, folded drape; when lowered, they provide complete privacy and warmth. Available in a variety of fabrics, they can add a luxurious feel to your decor.

Drapery: The Ultimate Statement of Luxury

Our Drapery selection is all about opulence and flair. Whether you’re looking for sheer, light-filtering options or rich, heavy fabrics for a more dramatic look, our custom drapery adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any room.

Customized to Perfection

Each of our window solutions is customizable to your specific requirements. From the size and fit of the material and colour, we ensure that every product perfectly complements your space and style. With ZebraBlinds4you experience the perfect blend of functionality, quality, and aesthetic appeal.

Local Craftsmanship, Swift Delivery

At ZebraBlinds4you, we take pride in our local Ontario-based production, offering a range of blinds and shades suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. Our commitment to quality extends to our efficient service, ensuring a swift journey from order to delivery throughout the GTA. Embrace the blend of style, functionality, and speedy service with our locally-made products, where timeliness is as important as quality.

Experience the transformative power of our Product in your space – a harmonious blend of modern design, adaptable lighting control, and lasting elegance.

Motorization and Automation

At ZebraBlinds4you we understand that modern living is all about convenience, ease, and smart technology. That’s why we’re proud to offer advanced motorization and automation options for our range of blinds and shades, designed to bring a new level of comfort and sophistication to your home or office.

The realm of sheer shades and blinds, already a symphony of elegance and utility, now waltzes gracefully into the future with the advent of ‘smart roller shades’ and ‘automatic roller shades’. These innovative creations are not mere window coverings but the epitome of modern living, where technology meets tradition in a seamless embrace. The ‘smart blinds’ and ‘smart shades’ are not just products, but messengers of a new age, where convenience and luxury are interwoven with the finest threads of technological advancement.

Tailored Motorization for Seamless Integration

Our motorized blinds and shades are available with various motorization options to suit your specific needs. For those in the process of building or renovating, our hard-wired motors are an ideal choice. Available in both standard DC and low-voltage models, these motors integrate seamlessly into your home’s electrical system, requiring installation at the building stage for a sleek, cordless look.

Battery Motors: The Convenient Choice

For an effortless upgrade without the need for complex wiring, our battery-operated motors are a perfect solution. These innovative motors can be installed without a licensed electrician, offering an easy and efficient way to automate your window treatments. With a battery life that lasts approximately a year without recharging, they provide convenience and reliability, making them a popular choice for many of our clients. Charged through the power of the sun, these solar-powered gems exemplify our pledge to a greener world. They are not just shades or blinds; they are guardians of the Earth, conserving energy with every ray of sunlight they harness

Control at Your Fingertips: WiFi and Bluetooth Technology

Embrace the future of window treatment with our WiFi-enabled motors. Operated via a remote control or a user-friendly app, these motors offer the ultimate in convenience and control. Whether you’re at home or away, adjusting your blinds and shades is just a tap away. For those who prefer using their smartphones, our blinds and shades are also available with cutting-edge Bluetooth technology. This allows you to control your window coverings directly from your smartphone, making it easier than ever to adjust natural light and privacy.

Smart Living with Smart Blinds

Our motorized blinds and shades are not just about convenience; they represent a lifestyle choice for those who value efficiency and smart home integration. Compatible with most home automation systems, our products can be synchronized with your existing smart home setup, providing a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Why Choose Our Motorized Options?

  • Ease of Use: Effortlessly control your blinds and shades with the touch of a button.
  • Safety: Eliminate cords, making them a safer option for homes with children and pets.
  • Energy Efficiency: Optimize natural light and heat, contributing to energy savings.
  • Style: Sleek, modern, and unobtrusive, our motorized options complement any interior décor.
  • Customization: Tailored solutions to fit your unique space and lifestyle needs.

Blinds Control Options:

  • Motor Wand Control;
  • Standard Remote; Up and down and pre-set stop positions
  • Home Automation; Can integrate with other smart software
  • Voice; Pair with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Siri to control your blinds with voice commands
  • App; Use on smartphone or tablet providing an overview of all windows and blinds and allowing you to set commands such as blinds closing at sunset

Motorization and Automation

Motorized blinds add sophistication and luxury to your home, they are convenient in tight spaces, on 2 floors or in houses with high ceilings, because they are controlled by the soft touch of a remote control.

We offer cordless options for your Zebra Blinds – the safest choice for any home with small children or pets, while also providing a crisp, clean look without any of dangling cords:

– Manual with a spring mechanism;
– Motorized with remote control;
– Motorized with control from your smartphone;

Our Zebra Blinds solutions are battery powered for ease of installation, operation, and maintenance – you don’t need to order an electrician for wiring.

The battery and motor are hidden inside the headrail, so they do not spoil the beauty of your Zebra Blinds.

With the help of the best motorized technologies, with a remote control or from your smartphone, you can make a smart home.