About Us

The Zebrablinds4you is a local manufacturer located in Barrie, Ontario, specializing in custom sun-protection systems. We offer a wide selection of blinds, Zebra shades & Sheer shades for decorating window openings at competitive prices and excellent design.

Properly selected blinds that complement the interior are the key to coziness and comfort.

ZebraBlinds4you designer will take care of all the details and will work closely with the installer to ensure you are satisfied with your custom blinds purchase.

We Are a Modern Window Blinds Agency Specializing in Design and Functionality

Create an ideal atmosphere in your home at any time of the year or day, and Zebra Blinds offers sheer and zebra shades that will be a perfect option for window decoration. ZebraBlinds4you design allows you to select the required light level over the entire glass area. The stripes can achieve this on fabrics with different levels of transparency.

The Zebra Blinds system has worked equally well in the home, office, commercial and public interiors.

Design Features

Zebra Blinds are also called day-night blinds. It’s all because they are based on fabric with horizontal stripes. It wraps the lower and upper trims mounted on the windows. When scrolling the canvases, stripes move and combine, creating a different lighting level.

To create the effect of “day,” transparent areas of the fabric should be at the same level, and for “night,” – the darkened stripes should cover the transparent ones. Roller day-night (Zebra) blinds allow you to set the intermediate mode with a slight twilight in the rooms. This is a universal type of fabric blind that looks advantageous in any interior – from classic to minimalistic. In addition to their appearance, they are very unpretentious in care.

Unique fabrics are used to manufacture roller blinds. And their peculiarity is not only in the “striped” appearance but also in the compositions used to process the canvases. Due to the impregnation, it is possible to achieve an antistatic and dust-repellent effect.

It is straightforward to order day-night in our online shop. You select the dimensions of your windows, the type of system, and the fabric color to get the final cost of the finished products. All curtains and blinds are made from high-quality fittings and materials used in our production by individual standards. We guarantee the high quality and durability of our systems.

ZebraBlinds4you also offers roller shades for commercial storefront doors and delivery of all our Ontario-Made products throughout the GTA. The time from ordering to receiving the products is minimal, as the whole process takes place in our production. And the terms often decide everything.

Motorization and Automation

Motorized blinds add sophistication and luxury to your home, they are convenient in tight spaces, on 2 floors, or in houses with high ceilings, because they are controlled by the soft touch of remote control or your smartphone or voice.

In order to help you make a decision for choosing your motorized blinds, we put together step by step guide.

Type of Motorization:

Wired powered:  requires mains power by the blind either as a socket or wires. Best at build or renovation process when can still be easy to have access inside your walls.

Battery-powered: best solution because it will be powered by integrated rechargeable lithium batteries.


All of our motors have a 3-year warranty. In general, replacing a battery motor is simple and does not mean replacing the whole blinds.


Most companies offer an entry-level product that operates on a standard remote control. That remote can operate one blind or groups of blinds.

Once you start adding automation or additional functionality such as controlling the blinds by voice command (Alexa, Siri, Google Home Assistant), solar panels, the cost increases as you will need additional hardware and software. Finally, ZebraBlinds4you can help you to integrate our product into your home automation.

Blinds Control Options:

Standard Remote; Up and down and pre-set stop positions

Smart Remote; Above plus timers

Home Automation; Can integrate with other smart software

Voice; Pair with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Siri to control your blinds with voice commands

App; Use on smartphone or tablet providing an overview of all windows and blinds and allowing you to set commands such as blinds closing at sunset

Motorization and Automation

Motorized blinds add sophistication and luxury to your home, they are convenient in tight spaces, on 2 floors or in houses with high ceilings, because they are controlled by the soft touch of a remote control.

We offer cordless options for your Zebra Blinds – the safest choice for any home with small children or pets, while also providing a crisp, clean look without any of dangling cords:

– Manual with a spring mechanism;
– Motorized with remote control;
– Motorized with control from your smartphone;

Our Zebra Blinds solutions are battery powered for ease of installation, operation, and maintenance – you don’t need to order an electrician for wiring.

The battery and motor are hidden inside the headrail, so they do not spoil the beauty of your Zebra Blinds.

With the help of the best motorized technologies, with a remote control or from your smartphone, you can make a smart home.