Shipping and Return

Delivery Methods

  • Our specialist – 50% deposit when the order is placed; 50% before installation
  • Courier (Purolator / Fed-Ex / UPS) – 100% deposit before shipment
  • Pick up from our location 50% deposit when place order; 50% before pick-up

Payment Methods

  • E-transfer
  • Through terminal (visa / debit +2.90%)
  • Cash

Attention! All our products are made individually to fit the ordered dimensions. Cut-off goods are not subject to exchange (return).

If you would like to make some changes or upgrades we will charge you as a new order.

Please approach the selection and measuring responsibly!

Cancellations and refunds are only possible during the first 24 hours without any additional charges; however, some items are immediately put into production and may result in changes. A refund is still possible and will be issued if the products or parts thereof were not ordered or manufactured.

After payment or making a deposit for your order, we will not be able to return your money in cases:

– more than 24 hours have passed since the moment of placing the order;

– fabrics and accessories were ordered;

– products or parts thereof were sent to production or were manufactured;

Warranty & Service

All products from Zebrablinds4you are covered by a:

1-year warranty for mechanically controlled system and automatic control system

Available after-sales service

Damage and malfunction are eliminated within 10 business days from the receipt of the application from the client