Motorization solutions

Motorization solutions
All of our blinds, including conservatory blinds, curtains, and shutters, are installed by experts with years of experience, ensuring that they are installed correctly the first time. All you have to do now is relax and take in your newly altered space.


Type of Motorization:

Wired powered:  requires mains power by the blind either as a socket or wires. Best at build or renovation process when can still be easy to have access inside your walls.

Battery-powered: best solution because it will be powered by integrated rechargeable lithium batteries.


All of our motors have a 3-year warranty. In general, replacing a battery motor is simple and does not mean replacing the whole blinds.


Most companies offer an entry-level product that operates on a standard remote control. That remote can operate one blind or groups of blinds.

Once you start adding automation or additional functionality such as controlling the blinds by voice command (Alexa, Siri, Google Home Assistant), solar panels, the cost increases as you will need additional hardware and software. Finally, ZebraBlinds4you can help you to integrate our product into your home automation.

Blinds Control Options:

Standard Remote; Up and down and pre-set stop positions

Smart Remote; Above plus timers

Home Automation; Can integrate with other smart software

Voice; Pair with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Siri to control your blinds with voice commands

App; Use on smartphone or tablet providing an overview of all windows and blinds and allowing you to set commands such as blinds closing at sunset


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Remote Control Motorization

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