Any decorating budget should include blinds and shades. However, they’re often neglected after installation, allowing them to deteriorate or become dirty. You can keep your blinds and shades looking new with these tips.

Make sure the blinds are clean by wiping them with a soft damp cloth

The blinds should be dusted from top to bottom with a thick duster. A flat side of the blinds should be facing you when you close them. The dirt should be brushed downward with a thick duster starting at the top of the blinds. You should work from the left side of the blinds to the right until they are dust-free. Clean the other flat side of the blinds with the duster as well by rotating the rod attached to the blinds.

  • Rather than picking up dirt off the surface, avoid using cloths or a light feather duster.
  • Many designers only attach their blinds with a thin piece of plastic that’s easy to break, so be careful when handling them.

Your vacuum’s brush attachment can be used to remove any remaining dust.

Next, connect the bristle brush attachment to the vacuum and turn it on. Using a brush, go from top to bottom, brushing the bristles. Dust will get stuck in the blinds and the brush attachment will help reduce suction. Start with one side of the blinds and then move on to the other.

  • Vacuums without attachments could damage blinds due to their suction.
  • When vacuuming upwards from the bottom, avoid unhooking the blinds and causing them to fall.

Keep your blinds clean weekly to prevent buildup

By cleaning the dust on your blinds weekly, don’t let the dust build up on your blinds. You should dust and vacuum them even if they don’t appear dirty, as a thin layer of dust may have settled on them.

The more often you clean your blinds, the longer they will last, and the less time you’ll need to spend deep-cleaning if they become dirty.

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