How do you select your service provider?

When choosing window coverings for a home or an office, we search for comfort, quality, presentability, safety, and an affordable price as a valuable bonus. You should understand that not every company, claiming their status as a manufacturer, truly creates the products you buy from them. With this in mind, a question arises. How can you avoid falling for such a scam? How can locally manufactured products be distinguished from the products imported by an online company from other countries? Let us thoroughly explore these questions.

Business validation:

A well-maintained and presentable website, an alliance with Google Business, and high user reviews are crucial attributes defining the credibility of any company.

As a common practice, trusted firms have a presentable and informative website and a verified Google My Business account, which allows for further verification by Google Maps. With such tools, companies assist their potential customers in finding their products and improve a business’s ranking in search results based on the reviews left by previous clients. Customer reviews can drastically influence a business’ reputation and ranking in search results, making it the most vital quality regulator for all online services. Trusted brands value their clients as much as their reputation and demonstrate this care through responses to the reviews left on the profile.

The assessment of the treatment you receive from a service provider and the platform used to communicate with you is crucial. You will never see a large company using WhatsApp or Facebook Marketplace as their primary web resources and the means to interact with customers. It must be an essential practice for everyone to explore and research a company’s internet presence to distinguish businesses and resellers properly.

Windows measurements.

Legitimate Canadian manufacturers provide a free estimate service through the help of properly trained professionals able to come to your house or office and take precise measurements of all the windows. In the case of blinds, even the tiniest errors in the initial measurements will flaw the entire manufacturing process. They will lead to disappointment during the installation and further operation of the blinds. If care is not practiced at this stage, the resulting blinds will doubtlessly display manufacturing defects through improper fitment, worsened performance, and accelerated material wear. An expert will not only show and discuss the many collections of fabrics, accessories, and methods of blind operation but will provide professional advice as to the design compatibilities of specific options with your interior.

Fabric and Materials

You should pay close attention to the quality of fabric samples and accessories displayed by the representatives of the company you choose. While it is tempting to save money by trusting the Chinese fabrics and components to perform well and possess a prolonged life, realizing that such materials quickly lose their presentable appearance and functionality (especially for automated and intelligent blinds) is essential. As a result, the first cleaning or lengthy exposure to sunlight will force your new blinds to lose the original appeal and perfect harmony with the interior you have worked for so hard and come to expect. It will always be better to trust a local manufacturer who can guarantee excellent quality on an affordable budget.

Quality and Safety

Canadian manufacturers must comply with Canadian CSA standards to offer the best experience for their customers. A recent law has deemed the loose chains on window blinds unsafe for children due to the increased risk of strangulation. Professional businesses consider safety their primary concern and quickly apply necessary changes to production to ensure the best customer experience and compliance with safety regulations. However, the small resellers disregard the dangers outlined by the standards and continue to install their blinds without proper adaptations for the safest experience for the people.

Installation and Warranty

Authentic manufacturers take pride in their work, displayed in the tiny details often unnoticed by many. A blind from such a company will show perfection throughout. The stripes on the zebra blinds will be perfectly aligned with each other and with every blind installed in the room. In both the open and the closed positions, the stripes on the front part of the fabric will be parallel to its rear counterpart. If a misalignment in the form of curvature is noticed during the manufacturing process, such a blind will be sent back for readjustment or complete replacement. As trustworthy corporations value the quality and service they provide, they can guarantee the long life of their products through prolonged warranty periods and rapid repairs of any kind. This all is done to bring you certainty and confidence in custom-made products!

You will never see such results or quality from a reseller of cheap blinds. These companies will ask you to measure the windows and provide the dimensions. Do not take a chance at something you are unsure of. Buy Local! Invest in your local Canadian-based, family-owned manufacture blinds company and enjoy our products’ exceptional customer care, authenticity, and trustworthiness standards.

We at the ZebraBlinds4you customer service team is always ready to answer any questions and will provide valuable and practical advice!