Roller Kitchen and Dining Blinds


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Roller Kitchen and Dining Blinds

Firstly, please congratulate us! On behalf of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), we proudly announce that our products have been approved for the Ontario Made Program.

Secondly, on all of our products placed, the CME logo. ON-Made-logo-jpeg Thirdly, and most importantly, buy local - Made in Canada products. In judgment, it helps our community, and it helps Ontario.

In general, roller blinds are one of the most cost-effective solutions. The customer has an added benefit of a massive variety of fabrics, from sheer to opaque to blackout and from plain to patterned. If you are looking at patterned blinds, these will be the best solution for individual windows.

Blackout roller blinds

Blackout roller blinds are a perfect solution for light reduction. This makes them the ideal choice for blocking incoming light in any room in your home or office. The back of the blind is coated with a thermoplastic layer. This layer not only completely blocks incoming light, but its thermal properties also keep your room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Room Darkening or Light Filtering: Choose a light-filtering fabric material to let natural light in and fill the room with a warm glow. If you would instead block out a lot of outside light, we have many blackout fabrics that can block light from which to choose – a good solution for bedrooms, baby & kids rooms, and tv rooms.

Operation systems for Roller Kitchen and Dining Blinds

Operation systems: When customizing roller blinds, it's imperative to determine which operation system best fits your lifestyle, convenience, and safety.

Continuous Cord Loop:  This option is ideal for all and extra-large windows. The continuous cord loop chain fastens to your wall so you can quickly raise and lower your roller shades.

Motorized: Motorized Roller Blinds allow you to raise and lower your shades with the touch of a button or voice command.

Type of Motorization: Wired powered:  requires mains power by the blind as a socket or wires. Best at the build or renovation when it can still easily access inside your walls.

Battery-powered: best solution because integrated rechargeable lithium batteries will power it.


Warranty: All of our motors have a 3-year warranty. Replacing a battery motor is simple and does not mean replacing the whole blinds.

Elegance: Most companies offer an entry-level product that operates on a standard remote control. That remote can operate one blind or groups of blinds. Once you start adding automation or additional functionality, such as controlling the blinds by voice command (Alexa, Siri, Google Home Assistant) and solar panels, the cost increases as you will need additional hardware and software. Finally, we can help you to integrate our product into your home automation.

Blinds Control Standard Remote; Up and down and pre-set stop positions Smart Remote; Above plus timers Home Automation; Can integrate with other innovative software Voice; Pair with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Siri to control your blinds with voice commands App; Use on smartphone or tablet providing an overview of all windows and blinds and allowing you to set commands such as blinds closing at sunset.

Blinds Features: - Made on a rust-free aluminum top cover, sides, and roller tube - Supplied with a child safety clip for peace of mind - Waterproof and fire-retardant fabric options available - Solar Protective Coated (SPC) fabric - Keep cool in summer and warm in winter - Save money $$ on energy bills - Convenient blackout fabric for a great night’s sleep - Obtainable in a range of fantastic colors - Possible motorized options - White plastic control chain - Easy to use side mechanism - Top-quality internal components - Strong aluminum roller tubes - Easy to fit and use

  • Minimum Width: 8 in
  • Maximum width: 112 in
  • Minimum Height: 8 in
  • Maximum Height: 118 in

Warranty Our top-quality Roller Blinds are made to the same exacting standards as all our other blinds. We are offering a comprehensive 3-year guarantee on our products.


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