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Most popular options – Allusion Soft Vertical Blinds including:

Allusion – Soft Vertical Blinds are the latest masterpiece in the blinds market. The newest product is perfect for fitting large windows, in big Condos, for the modern home patio and bi-folding doors and is described as a cross between a curtain, vertical blind, and a voile.
You have the practicality of a vertical blind without the office appearance. It looks and feels like curtains, with it being a soft fabric.
The other significant advantage of standard vertical blinds is that there are no chains at the bottom, so the overall look is improved, and you can walk through the blinds.
Once the blinds are in the open position, the daylight will filter by the voile. And on the other hand, it still allows a view of the outside.
Tilt the panels, and you have total privacy and protection for your home and furniture from direct sunlight.
Available in 5 elegant colorways in whites, creams and greys, and more.

Blinds Features:

– Made on a rust-free aluminum top cover, sides, and roller tube
– Soft flowing vanes filter daylight and retain the view when open
– Enjoy privacy and security when blinds are closed
– Access outside space by walking through the blind with the doors open
– Allusion soft blinds are child-safety, and we recommend wand operation for convenience and safety
– Available with motorized control
– Supplied with a child safety clip for peace of mind
– Waterproof and fire-retardant fabric options are available

Motorized Blinds:

In addition, we can motorize your blinds.
Select the options you would like.
After that, If this is your first motorized blind, you will get all three components: motor, remote, and charger.
Besides that, we can add a Solar panel as a charger to our motorized blind.
Therefore, you can add a Wi-Fi Smart Blinds Hub that provides options to add as a remote to your smartphone or home pod.
And, if you are ordering an additional motorized blind, the existing remote controller can be helpful for up to 5 blinds.

Type of Motorization:

Wired powered: requires mains power by the blind either as a socket or wires. Best at the build or renovation when it can still easily access inside your walls.
Battery-powered: best solution because integrated rechargeable lithium batteries will power it.
Motors Warranty:
All of our motors have a 3-year warranty. Replacing a battery motor is simple and does not mean replacing the whole blinds.


Most companies offer an entry-level product that operates on a standard remote control.
That remote can operate one blind or groups of blinds.
You start adding automation or functionality, such as controlling the blinds by voice command (Alexa, Siri, Google Home Assistant) and solar panels. It is excellent, and the cost increases as you need additional hardware and software. Finally, we can help you to integrate our product into your home automation.

Blinds Control:

Standard Remote; Up and down and pre-set stop positions
Smart Remote; Above plus timers
Home Automation; Can integrate with other innovative software
Voice; Pair with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and Siri to control your blinds with voice commands
App; Use on a smartphone or tablet, providing an overview of all windows and blinds and allows you to set bases such as blinds closing at sunset


Striped fabric across two layers creates an open/close effect to control light and privacy.
Light Filtering or Room Darkening (Blackout) colors are available
Continuous cord control (manual) – standard
Cordless power (spring type) +$
Motorized options with remote control available +$$
Motorized options with Smart Home WIFI Hub +$$$
The aluminum headrail and bottom bar come in the same color
Easy to install – all hardware included


Our top-quality Allusion: Soft Vertical Blinds are knowhow to the same exacting standards as our other blinds.
We are offering a comprehensive 3-year guarantee on our products.


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