Anastasia style Office Custom Blinds

It is also possible to manually control the curtains. This product uses a rechargeable battery that is hidden inside the headrail

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The Anastasia style zebra blind is our newest and most popular product in the category of office blinds. We use only high-quality fabrics and modern colors that give the product a luxurious look.

  • Zebra Blinds – Sheer Shades
  • Made from high-quality polyester
  • Modern and stylish well-coordinated stripes for a luxurious look



  • Zebra Blinds incorporates dual layers of alternating 2 3/4″ to 4 3/8″ semi-opaque.
  • Striped fabric across two layers creates an open/close effect, to control light and privacy.
  • Light Filtering or Room Darkening (Blackout) colors available.
  • Continuous cord control (manual) Standard
  • cordless control (spring type) +$
  • Motorized options with remote control available +$$
  • The aluminum headrail and bottom bar come in the same color.
  • Easy to install – all hardware included

Product Description

The zebra blinds will charm you with its outstanding high-quality fabric. Zebra Motorized blinds (Sheer Roller Shades) can be set to filter light so it is the perfect choice for those who love privacy at night and want the light to stream in a day. Combining a delicate sheer alternating with sumptuous fabric, it’s weighted by a triangular bottom rail matched with your chosen color of the fabric, allowing the fabric to hang perfectly. Made of woven polyester, we offer this product in various beautiful colors. The curtains can be controlled through remote control, which does not require additional payment, can be controlled from anywhere in the room with one touch of a button up to 6 curtains at the same time. It is also possible to manually control the curtains. This product uses a rechargeable battery that is hidden inside the headrail. You do not need to conduct any wiring to install a Motorized curtain.

The product is very easy to install, it can be cleaned, dust cleaned or vacuumed.

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