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Zebra blinds are some of the most popular window coverings, combining the functionality of blinds with the soft look and elegance of shades. Our designer will bring samples to your home and will help you to choose the perfect window blinds for your lifestyle and budget.

With over years of experience in the window treatment industry, ZebraBlinds4you wants to help you find the best zebra blinds,  at the most competitive prices. We will help you to discover a huge selection of custom window zebra blinds that will enhance the look, comfort, and efficiency of your home. All it takes is a few moments browsing our online selection. All our options are easy to customize by size, color, and features.

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Need a blackout Zebra blind for your the window in a colour that matches your décor, and the ability to control it from your remote control?
We’ve help for every situation. You’ll love how convenient it is to order everything online. Our designer will take measurements and help you to place your Zebra Blinds order. Our designer will take care of all the details and will work closely with the installer to ensure you are satisfied with your custom zebra blinds purchase.


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Zebra blinds are made with two pieces of fabric, which both have alternating panels/bands: one solid color band followed by one sheer band. When the bands on both pieces of fabric are matched together, you get the look of horizontal blinds when open, including an outside view and natural light filtering into the room.

To prevent light from entering and increase privacy, simply rotate the fabric so the solid color bands fill the entire shade, giving the look of a traditional roller shade. Cordless ZEBRA BLINDS & Motorization: Many of our Blinds also offer cordless lift systems – the safest choice for any home with young kids, while also providing a crisp, clean look without any of dangling cords. For your convenience, choose one of our motorized zebra blinds which allows you to lift and lower blinds with the touch of a button. We invite you to connect us.

Child Safety

You can find out everything what we do to make sure our blinds are child safe on this page.

Our blinds can work without cords or chains. By design, these blinds are child safe.

Any of our blinds that use cords or chains can be delivered with child-safety devices.
These help to keep controls clean, tidy and out of the reach of children. You should always fit these devices with your blinds.

Cord and chain-free blinds
Cord and chain-free blinds are exactly as the name suggests. And that quality is what makes these options child safe.

You can choose:

Motorized options with remote control
Chain free options with a spring mechanism.

Child-safety tips
You should always fit the right child-safety device for your blinds. Also, you should follow these tips:

Beds, cots or furniture should never be placed near a window where children can climb on to the sill.
Never tie cord controls together.
Never stick or tape together consolidators or breakaway devices to prevent them from opening.
Making all your blinds child safe
You can easily make any of your existing blinds child safe. All you have to do is order and fit the right cleat or hook.

Chain-operated blinds need a safety hook for the controls to loop around.
Cord-operated blinds need a safety cleat attached to the wall 1.5 metres from the floor.


I’m a furniture designer who specialises in armchair designs and combining fabrics. My designs have been sold all over Europe and the USA and I have worked with some of the biggest designers in the industry.


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We are looking
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